Does Employee Engagement Drive Client Engagement?

If you have engaged and happy employees then this will lead to improved customer service and then the ultimate goal of happy clients. So why do so few companies focus on employee engagement?


Why should you focus on employee engagement

The first reason is a disengaged employee will be less productive at work, producing a lower quality of service and thus damaging the company culture.

The second reason is disengaged employees simply don't care and so will present poorly in-front of clients thus damaging the company brand.

By focusing on employee engagement companies will achieve greater results and efficiency in the workplace while also bolstering client engagement and, therefore company success.

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The Perks of an Engaged Workforce

You need to ensure that every employee is engaged and not just the client-facing ones. Engaged employees bring energy and innovation to the office. They work harder, think differently, and investing more in their career. 

There’s a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and client satisfaction. When employees are motivated their positive attitude translates to clients, driving stronger service and building better relationships. In turn clients will reward good service with repeat business and by spreading brand awareness.


What Leaders Should Know About Engagement

Money isn’t everything when it comes to creating employee engagement, if you treat each employee as an individual rather than as a cog in a machine. Mangers can then customise ways to engage employees within the company will be able to bolster an employee’s own engagement practices.

Find out what is important to each of your staff members, maybe it is flexibility, the ability to travel, ownership, training, wellness perks? Who knows the answers that's why you have to ask everyone.

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Frequent, Transparent and Direct Conversations

Over 70 percent of employees are more engaged when their leaders regularly update them on changes in company strategy or goals.

When you do speak with your team make sure you understand What keeps your employees engaged? What do they love about their jobs? What would make them love their job more?The more you talk openly with your people, the better you understand what’s going on with them.


Acknowledge and Support Personal Goals

A company culture of engagement should account for both today and tomorrow, as few employees want to stay in the same role forever. Only 13 percent of Millennials believe that staying at a job for at least five years will have a positive impact on their career. 

Employee turnover is inevitable, but employees who feel valued, respected and engaged are more likely to stay. 


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