How important is the Candidate Experience to your business?

We all know that poor customer service has a direct impact to your customer retention, referrals, and potential new business.

Social media has given consumers a platform for their voice to be heard and they are making sure they are heard positive or negative.

Candidates are using the same social tools to share their experiences of working and interviewing at employers but thankfully according to the Talent Board Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards and Benchmark Research employers are finally starting to treat candidates as the customers of the recruiting process.

Many of the CandE award-winning employers have gone through the transformation of treating all their job candidates, both externally and internally, as the primary customers of talent acquisition. Not the hiring manager or executive managers.

Candidate Experience - The Job Interview

In the last six years the Talent Board’s CandE Awards research has demonstrated that on average 64% of candidates say they’ll definitely increase their employer relationships based on the very positive job seeker experiences they’ve had. These aren’t just the job finalists either, but the majority are individuals who research and apply for jobs and who aren’t hired.

Also, quite clear from the research is how many employers need to continue to raise the bar on candidate communication and feedback. The number 1 reason (31 percent of the time) candidates had an overall 1-star experience from the hiring process was due to the lack of respect they received during appointments and interviews. 

In closing, candidates share their positive recruiting experiences with their friends, family and peers over 81% of the time and their negative experiences 66% of the time.

Candidates also share their positive experiences online via social media 51% and their negative experiences 34%. These negative experiences not only impact the employment brand but also the talent brand.

At JOH Partners we view transparent communication and high levels of corporate governance key to the hiring process.


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