The Top Five Fastest Growing Needs and Wants of Employees

The environment for employees within many organisations is changing, agility and velocity are key to remaining competitive. This impacts the way talent in Company’s is engaged, supported and motivated.

The below five areas are cross-generational, it is what employees working and potentially joining organisations are seeking – whether new to the world of employment, or those seasoned over decades of experience.

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These are not trend’s, they are absolutes; the question is can we afford to not focus on these areas?

Flexible Working

The ability to work when, where and how long, to meet the needs of the organisation and that of the employee - centralised operating offices are diluting.


This is ALL walks within the ‘human race’, it is not just gender and nationality, it is social background, disability, education, age (young AND mature), genetics – the list goes on, do not create limitations.


With the amount of technology and AI out there, use it wisely, if employees feel the organisation is using technology in a way that dehumanizes them – they will not engage, you will lose them.

Trust Within Leadership

Show employees that leadership are in control no matter what happens and have the core interest of all who are working within the organisation – they matter.

Employee Experience

No more saying ‘good luck’ post the employees first day – engage the employee in all facets of the organisation, make them feel they are a genuine and valued stakeholder - everyday.

In Closing

The above may vary to certain degrees in application, however what is key is acknowledging and looking at ways if not already in place - what provisions and strategies do we need to execute and support the changing workplace environment.

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About the author - Mark Lindley

An accomplished Human Resources and Business leader with over 20 years international experience.

His career success has been through an entrepreneurial and curious approach to new challenges and ventures, keeping a firm focus on the strategic direction, regardless of the changing and ambiguous environment.

Operating across the Middle East, Asia, Europe, UK and North America regions at Director, SVP and Group level HR positions within FTSE and Top 100, MNCs and leading national brands, Mark has always had a highly commercial focus on sustainable growth of an organization.

He is a proven leader, trusted adviser, coach and HR entrepreneur; a professional who is well placed with businesses in a local, regional and global marketplace.