Why Is Preparation So Key In An Interview?

We all have that dream job or company that we want to work for so how can you make that dream a reality?

Step One: Hard Work - It takes time to develop as a person and a professional there are no short cuts.

Step Two: The Interview - No matter how good you are if you can't explain yourself and "sell" why you are the right person for the role then all your hard work will be for nothing.

Some people believe they know the job they are applying for so well that they don't need to prepare as their raw talent will be enough to see them through an interview. This mind set is very dangerous and often wrong.

Below are a few simple questions that you should be able to answer off the cuff in a clear and concise manner way that is both insightful and engaging.


  • Describe to me in 10 seconds what you can bring to the role?

  • Why should we hire you?

  • What would your current team members and boss say about you as a person?

  • Describe yourself in seven words.

  • What were your three biggest accomplishments at your last position?

  • What are the measurable results from these accomplishments?

  • Give me your 30 second elevator pitch.

  • Why do you want this job?


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How did you get on? Were your answers clear? Did you answer the question? Were the answers relevant to the role you are interviewing for?

The more prepared you are regardless of your level or experience the more the interview will flow like a conversation. This will give you a greater change to show your Unique Value Proposition and land the job that you want.


Practice makes perfect and at JOH Partners we ensure that you have the tools to be ready for that key interview. Contact us today or follow us on LinkedIn to keep up to date with our latest career advice and new positions.

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